Stories and impressions from my Midterm-Training in Visegrád.

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Spring is here!

On time for the beginning of spring Hungary not only greets with the blossoming of the fruit trees but also with beautiful spring-like weather.

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A new volunteer

Since of late we have an expansion of our team - Linda, EVS-Volunteer from Romania.


Newcastle Upon Tyne

At the weekend of or around Valentine's Day the yearly Festival of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) partakes in Newcastle Upon Tyne - and visitors, too, are welcome there.

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Önkéntes Teaház - The Volunteer Teahouse

With the beginning of the New Year my own little project here in Hungary has finally started - a weekly meeting point for people of the surrounding area who want to speak English.

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The Life After

What people like to overlook during a year abroad is, that life still continues in their home country - not only the life of others, but their own, too.



On the one hand going abroad means leaving friends back home, but on the other hand you also get to make many new aquaintances.

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A small jubilee

I've been here in Hungary for close to half a year, now, and this is my 50th blog entry. That is worth a small celebration.

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The Beginning of the New Year

I might have not celebrated Christmas with my fellow volunteers but for New Year we met in Budapest.

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Celebrating Christmas abroad

A big part of the European Voluntary Service is getting to know the culture you're staying in. For this it is also important to stay for the big holidays you would usually spend with your family - at least in my eyes.

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