Meeting after Midterm

Cotton Candy and Siesta

After we went to Szentendre together after the training and it got a little late again before everyone found their way home, we decided to use Saturday as a break day, simply to relax and not do anything, before meeting on Sunday for brunch in Budapest.

Our group wasn’t really big, most volunteers had to get back to their projects for different reasons - unlike the end of October, which some projects already take as start of the winter break, spring is used in many projects to prepare for the major events planned in summer, and not all the volunteers stay in Hungary as long as I will and have to do all the more work in the short time they have left. The small group is all the more heartfelt and both organising and arranging things in advance, like where to go next, is a lot easier.

The time change was just the night before and so it gets dark an hour later, and we use the extended daylight and late warmth to get comfortable on Margaret Island, a big park in the middle of the Danube. After our brunch we simply make a siesta there, the sun literally invites to go sunbathing and all around us the trees and flowers are in full bloom. A part of the group goes off to take pictures, while another one simply lies around in the grass, watching the belongings and dozing in the sunshine.

Once the sun has lost a bit of its intensity and the photographers got back to the siesta-people, we go back to the beginning of the island where a few booths are renting out surrey bikes. Sadly, there is no bike for six people, so we decide on a four-person-bike and a two-person-bike and dash merrily over the island while listening to Queen on our phones.

After the surrey bike tour I already have to go home, because my connection back to the village only goes until early evening, but there is still enough time for a strawberry-raspberry-vanilla cotton candy and funny posing-pictures on the bride in the sunset.

Most of the people I will see again in just a few weeks time - at least there are already discussions about new plans for the next meeting, and I am definitely looking forward to that.

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