At the End of the Rainbow?

The last post for my Hungary-Blog: A review, a summary, a conclusion. An outlook?

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Comeback 2019

From the 25.10. to the 27.10.2019 the major Comeback event for European Volunteers took place in the Kulturbahnhof Kassel.

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The last day

The last day of my stay in Hungary I first went to a shelter for bears and wolves with my organisation and later to our camp, for my own goodbye party.

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The Final Journey III - Warsaw

The third and last part of my journey takes me to a friend in Warsaw for a few days.

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The Final Journey II - Kraków

The second part of my journey takes me to Kraków, in Southern Poland.

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The Final Journey I - Brno and South Moravia

I'm meeting an old friend of mine from the 11.-14. of July in her hometown in South Moravia, close to Brno.

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The first Farewells

My last month in Hungary has started - and with it, the time to say Goodbye.

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About Languages (Learning and Unlearning)

One year abroad often means speaking and sometimes learning a different language.

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Hungarian Lángos

One of the classics of the Hungarian kitchen, especially at the beaches around the big lakes, is Lángos.

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The Great Flood

Every now and then the weather goes crazy. But a rain like this I have seen only rarely.

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