Önkéntes Teaház - The Volunteer Teahouse

With the beginning of the New Year, my own little project here in Hungary has finally started - the Önkéntes Teaház, which simply translates to “Volunteer Teahouse”.

I spoke to many people during my time here, especially youngsters, and heard from lots of them that they miss opportunities to practice their English - because everyone around them usually speaks Hungarian.

And to get into some of the better universities you need to have a certain level of English and require a certificate about your level.

That was the reason why I got the idea to create a place for the local community where they can meet to speak English - to make them believe more strongly in their own abilities and polish their English in general. Because communicating with me in Hungarian is still a pain.

So, every Tuesday I now meet up with my little English Group here in Vereb, where we drink tea and talk about everything and nothing, play games or get a presentation of one of the hobbies of the participants, everything in English.

We are only around 10 people right now (of course I hope there will be more, in time), but 10 is already more than I expected for the beginning - and there actually are a few people I hadn’t met before in Vereb!

I hope the Teahouse will establish itself a little more over the next few months and will keep its place in the village even after my return to Germany.

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