Spring is here!

The days are getting longer, the temperatures are slowly rising - and before you know it the world around you is suddenly in full bloom. And on time for the official beginning of spring the weather gets really beautiful, too - twenty degrees and no cloud in the sky, a light breeze so you don’t start sweating and the fragrance of flowers of every kind all around you.

Beginning of spring in Hungary also means: garden maintenance! And so we volunteers help the local organisations, whose faculties we use for our projects, to clean up their areas for the new year - cutting back roses, collecting leaves, pulling up weeds. Thanks to the weather time simply flies and I also learn a few Hungarian words connected to cleaning and gardening.

The campsite, too, is knocked into shape again - the area for the archery is moved and build up anew, we are finally working on building a round-pen to train the horses and the yurts need a couple of repairs, too. In addition a few people brought old furniture they don’t need anymore but which are still in good condition during the winter and we have to check these, too.

Lots of work, but it’s warm and sunny and the world is slowly coming back to life - so I enjoy my time outside immensely.

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