Newcastle Upon Tyne

Network of a Volunteer

One of the big advantages of being an EVS Volunteer is the mass of people you meet in all these different places. I have my international group here in Hungary, the one from the On-Arrival-Training, but I also managed to expand this network thanks to YouthReporter - which is a blogging platform for German volunteers. Thanks to them, I now know a few Germans who are currently staying in other countries, as opposed to Internationals in the own country.

This network led to me meeting Melina - a German volunteer who is doing her EVS in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the place where once a year the Newcastle Festival is taking place, the World Championship of Ceilidh.

And because I, too, have done Ceilidh for about two years and love the Scottish Folk Dancing, I couldn’t resist making a short trip to Newcastle to visit Melina during this Festival.

A weekend in Northern England

Thus I found myself flying to England from the 8th of February to the 10th of February to meet with a few people there, visit the Newcastle-Festival and simply enjoy a little of the English culture.

Newcastle is one of the cities in England greatly connected to the Industrial Revolution - and walking through the streets you can see the signs of that everywhere. Small working-class homes, buildings made of dark red bricks, everything can be found.

But a big part of Newcastle’s charme lies - at least for me - in its closeness to the coast. I haven’t seen the sea up close for a far too long time. And in England you can find the real Fish & Chips basically everywhere along the coast. That alone is nearly enough of a reason for me to visit England.

And, because it is England, I can’t resist talking about the weather, too - which was unexpectedly nice. A few degrees warmer than in Hungary but about as windy, especially at the coast, and the sun was just lovely.

I would have loved to stay for a few days more, to go and visit the Harry Potter shop in Newcastle, for example, or take a long walk along the beach, but my flight back was already Sunday evening.

Still, even though it was only a short amount of time, I enjoyed myself a lot - which was partially because of the country, but mostly because of the people.

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