A new volunteer

Good things come to those who wait

After a long wait the time has finally come - I have a new volunteer with me in the project! This volunteer is Linda, a girl my age from Székely (the Hungarian speaking part of Romania). Unlike most of her fellow citizens she speaks English very well and is eager to improve her knowledge of the English language even further.

Because she is a Hungarian native speaker she lives in the Volunteer house in Velence, because it’s closer to the office, and she mostly helps with the paper work and not, unlike me, at the campsite. But now I’m in the office on Mondays too, so we can work together on my Hungarian.

Even though we see each other less often than we’d like, we get along splendidly - we share many interests and opinions on lots of different things and already plan to explore Hungary together.

Now we both hope we will get more volunteers into our project very soon, because both her and I don’t want to be alone in our homes here in Hungary anymore.

The picture is from the Zoo in Budapest - because we visited it shortly after Linda’s arrival. She loves zoos a lot and Sebastian had a seminary in Budapest, so Zsofi decided spontaneously that we would go to the city for the day, too, as a welcome present of the Tribe to Linda.

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