Chasing the Rainbow

Experiences and stories from my time as a Work & Traveller in Canada

This website is dedicated to everything concerning my time abroad as a Work & Traveller in Canada - the places I visit, the things I do and, hopefully, also some things about my motivation that got me there plus the process around it.

Latest Posts

Flagging - the slightly different workaway experience

Since October I've been working in Canada for money - as a flagger, a person regulating traffic on the highway after accidents and during roadwork.

Rural lifestyle and what it involves

The closeness to nature you get to live in Canada has influenced the lifestyle of the people a lot - and leads to a few differences to what I am used to in Europe.

Silent night, holy night

(My) Christmas - far from home and in times of Corona.

The Language of the Highway

Another trip to Kamloops, and a ride back that taught me driving anew.

Sorting Cows and Pregnancy Checks

Even after the cattle has come home, there are still some things we have to do with them.


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