Hungarian Dances

In Hungary you can find open dance evenings everyone can take part in, where classic Hungarian dances are the center of the evening.

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Easter in a Monastery

I spend Easter in a Franciscan Monastery in Esztergom, the Catholic Centre of Hungary.

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Celebrate what makes us one

On Friday there was a festival in Pécs, from volunteers for volunteers, on the topic of (cultural) diversity.

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Return to the Kassai-Valley

On the first weekend in April visitors are, once again, allowed to come to the Kassai-Valley, and we're there again, too.

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Spring is here!

On time for the beginning of spring Hungary not only greets with the blossoming of the fruit trees but also with beautiful spring-like weather.

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A haza minden előtt! - Homeland above everything

The 15th of March is the Hungarian equivalent to the American Independence Day and is celebrated accordingly.

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Tour to the Balaton

With a few of the volunteers Linda met on her On-Arrival-Training we visited a few of the cities around the Balaton.

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Coffee and lemonade

Every now and then I'm going out with friends - after training but also in Budapest. And one thing I noticed in particular: nearly every place offers homemade lemonades.

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Riding barebacked

The Horseback Archers have to compete without a saddle until the second student grade. That makes learning to ride without a saddle an important part of the trainings.

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The Beginning of the New Year

I might have not celebrated Christmas with my fellow volunteers but for New Year we met in Budapest.

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