Flagging - the slightly different workaway experience

Since October I've been working in Canada for money - as a flagger, a person regulating traffic on the highway after accidents and during roadwork.

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Rural lifestyle and what it involves

The closeness to nature you get to live in Canada has influenced the lifestyle of the people a lot - and leads to a few differences to what I am used to in Europe.

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Silent night, holy night

(My) Christmas - far from home and in times of Corona.

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The Language of the Highway

Another trip to Kamloops, and a ride back that taught me driving anew.

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Sorting Cows and Pregnancy Checks

Even after the cattle has come home, there are still some things we have to do with them.

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A truly shitty day

Starting with bear poop, continuing with duck shit and ending with cow manure, this day offered a wide range of shit, in the truest sense of the word.


Roadtrip to Kamloops

To get the first bunch of puppies to their new owners, Leah and I went on a short trip to Kamloops.

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Moving Cattle from the Summer Pasture

With the beginning of the cold season the cattle is brought home to the winter pasture.

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My first Thanksgiving

On the second Monday of October Thanksgiving is celebrated in Canada.

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Saskatchewan's plant life

Like the wildlife differs from what you have in Europe, the prairie also offers a completely different plant life.

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