Flagging - the slightly different workaway experience

Since October I've been working in Canada for money - as a flagger, a person regulating traffic on the highway after accidents and during roadwork.

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The Language of the Highway

Another trip to Kamloops, and a ride back that taught me driving anew.

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Trip to the Chun T'oh Whudujut Park

The after the ride along the Dore River, Ben and I went out to visit the Ancient Forest Park close to us.

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Trip along the Dore River

With another helper we used a beautiful Saturdaay for a little joyride.

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Roadtrip to Kamloops

To get the first bunch of puppies to their new owners, Leah and I went on a short trip to Kamloops.

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Eagles gotta fly

With the days getting shorter I switch from La Reata to Seven Pines Ranch in British Columbia.

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Getting an International Experience Canada Visa

Wo work and travel in Canada, you need the appropriate visa for it - and you can either apply for that via an external organisation, or just go for it yourself.


About Earthquakes and Aurora Borealis

Birthday parties on the lake lead to interesting conversations, late returns home and unbelieveable surprises.

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Swift Current and White Bear

After a month I (only) spent on the Ranch we went to two of the three close communities in short succession.

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Travelling during Corona times

Corona makes travelling both easier and a lot more complicated.

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