Prague - The Mother of Cities

From the 1st of May to the 5th of May I did a short holiday in Prague, the first half alone, the second half with other volunteers from Hungary.

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Easter in a Monastery

I spend Easter in a Franciscan Monastery in Esztergom, the Catholic Centre of Hungary.

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Celebrate what makes us one

On Friday there was a festival in Pécs, from volunteers for volunteers, on the topic of (cultural) diversity.

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Return to the Kassai-Valley

On the first weekend in April visitors are, once again, allowed to come to the Kassai-Valley, and we're there again, too.

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Meeting after Midterm

To celebrate the beginning of spring and the end of the training together, a few of the volunteers meet again in Budapest, after the training.

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Szeged and Sunshine

With the best weather I'm going to Szeged on Saturday and to lazy around in Velence on Sunday - including barbeque on the campsite in the evening.

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Tour to the Balaton

With a few of the volunteers Linda met on her On-Arrival-Training we visited a few of the cities around the Balaton.

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A day in Vienna or: All the things I do for Canada

To continue my application for a visa for Canada I have to go to Vienna for a day - and an obligatory journey like this can be used for a bit of fun, too.


Concert tour to Hamburg

To visit a concert of the EAV and meet a few close friends at the same time I travelled to Hamburg for the weekend.

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Newcastle Upon Tyne

At the weekend of or around Valentine's Day the yearly Festival of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS) partakes in Newcastle Upon Tyne - and visitors, too, are welcome there.

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