About Earthquakes and Aurora Borealis

What a day.

I hadn’t actually planned on publishing another post this fast, but yesterday was simply too unbelieveable.

We were on the lake again, celebrating the neighbour’s wife’s birthday, and because the rest of the guests were all ranchers or farmers, most conversations kind of involved topics around the harvest and other farming things.

One point coming up there, which surprised and fascinated me, was, that the ranchers out here actually felt an impact after the earthquake in Fukushima, concerning the times of the sun they were so used to. They changed, not a lot but enough to be noticed, enough to force old and well-known routines to change, because the old daylight times did not work anymore.

That alone would already be worth a post, because it is something I hadn’t even thought about before and that subsequently forced some changes out here, where nothing is between sunset and sunrise to stop you from seeing them.

Then I found out that some ranchers here sometimes have problems with wolves or cougars killing their cattle - because these predators live here in the prairies too, especially close to Lake Diefenbaker and around rivers.

You nearly never see them, thought. George has never seen a wild cougar in the 25 years he has been here.

In good company we stayed together until long after sunset, and only when the first stars started lighting up the night sky, the round slowly started to dissipate.

And when we got back to the Ranch and put our snacks and drinks away in my house, the Milky Way clearly visible in a bright and beautiful night sky, I stepped back out on the terrasse and the whole northern sky was filled with green wafting polar lights.

I have never seen that before. It was unreal. And indescribably amazing.

What a day.

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