Eagles gotta fly

A change, earlier than originally planned

A little earlier than originally planned I switched my host mid-September - due to Corona stopping guests from coming to La Reata, and no other helpers ccoming through either, George was worried for me being lonely in the longer-getting evenings and missing out on a lot of the magic the guest ranch usually offers.

And my next host, a family-run working ranch in Robson Valley in the Rocky Mountains, was already able to take me on as a helper earlier than the end of October.

Problems of a Traveller

For the trip from Kyle to McBride I wanted to make a small road trip - usually there are lots of car- or ridesharing opportunities in Canada, which makes travelling, even cross-country, relatively easy.

Again, because of Corona, the amount of people offering rideshare opportunities has shrunk considerably, and even though I was looking for a rideshare for more than a month, I did not manage to find one in the end.

Same goes for the handful of buslines still in existence - most of them have been suspended for the duration of the Corona shutdown. And I won’t even talk about the railway connections.

In the end I had to fly from Saskatoon via Vancouver to Prince George. I was hoping I might at least get the chance to explore Vancouver in my layover time, but the luggage storage in Vancouver was closed, so I had to spend the few hours watching over my luggage instead.

Due to the fires along the west coast, Vancouver was full of smoke anyway. That also lead to Prince George having ground fog so bad the plane I wanted to take was not able to land and got completely cancelled instead - but John, the husband and co-owner of Seven Pines, and his sister were in the same plane as me, and so I at least was not alone for the rest of my trip, and even got a chance at getting to know parts of my host family before reaching the Ranch.

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