Rural lifestyle and what it involves

The closeness to nature you get to live in Canada has influenced the lifestyle of the people a lot - and leads to a few differences to what I am used to in Europe.

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Land of Living Skies

Like the USA, all the provinces in Canada also have a kind of title, which you can find among other places on car licence plates. Saskatchewan's title is: Land of Living Skies.


Saskatchewan's plant life

Like the wildlife differs from what you have in Europe, the prairie also offers a completely different plant life.

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Wildfires, Hybrid cars and Recycling

The people of the plains have different worries and needs than what I am used from Germany.

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About Earthquakes and Aurora Borealis

Birthday parties on the lake lead to interesting conversations, late returns home and unbelieveable surprises.

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Wildlife of Saskatchewan

In comparison to Europe you see a great many more animals in North America. The Prairies are no exception to that.

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Travelling during Corona times

Corona makes travelling both easier and a lot more complicated.

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