Land of Living Skies

Soon after reaching Canada and George picking me up at the airport, I noticed the car licence plates, calling Saskatchewan Land of Living Skies. When I asked George after that, he just laughed and answered that I would understand soon.

And how right he was.

Spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Tornado warnings and impressive lightning shows during thunderstorms. Polar lights and the Milky Way.

And of course the incredibly wide open sky of the prairies.

I don’t know what causes the sky seeming bigger and closer - maybe the missing pollution, maybe the flatness of the plains with nothing in the way to stop the view, maybe something completely different. I don’t really want to find out, if I am being honest, because it carries its own certain kind of magic with it.

But there is something special to it, watching tomorrow’s weather coming the day before, and the blue sky after a shower while it is still raining. And I don’t think I will get over the feeling of freedom this sky wakes in my anytime soon.

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