Prague - The Mother of Cities

From the 1st of May to the 5th of May I did a short holiday in Prague, the first half alone, the second half with other volunteers from Hungary.

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Easter in a Monastery

I spend Easter in a Franciscan Monastery in Esztergom, the Catholic Centre of Hungary.

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Bear leek, egg and goat milk

One of the Teahouse-people has a small goat herd and invited me to help with the milking.

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Szeged and Sunshine

With the best weather I'm going to Szeged on Saturday and to lazy around in Velence on Sunday - including barbeque on the campsite in the evening.

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Coffee and lemonade

Every now and then I'm going out with friends - after training but also in Budapest. And one thing I noticed in particular: nearly every place offers homemade lemonades.

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The Beginning of the New Year

I might have not celebrated Christmas with my fellow volunteers but for New Year we met in Budapest.

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Holiday of St. John

On December 27th the new wine of the year is blessed in Hungary - and this blessing celebrated afterwards in good company.

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Celebrating Christmas abroad

A big part of the European Voluntary Service is getting to know the culture you're staying in. For this it is also important to stay for the big holidays you would usually spend with your family - at least in my eyes.

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Midwinter and other Endings of the Year

With the closing of the year and Christmas on the doorstep there are, of course, a few Christmas parties - and with the Horseback Archery people we even celebrate Midwinter.

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Christmas market in Székesfehérvár

In the time before Christmas you can find Christmas markets in the Hungarian cities, too, with mulled wine and local specialities.

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