Prague - The Mother of Cities

From the 1st of May to the 5th of May I did a short holiday in Prague, the first half alone, the second half with other volunteers from Hungary.

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Easter in a Monastery

I spend Easter in a Franciscan Monastery in Esztergom, the Catholic Centre of Hungary.

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Szeged and Sunshine

With the best weather I'm going to Szeged on Saturday and to lazy around in Velence on Sunday - including barbeque on the campsite in the evening.

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Tour to the Balaton

With a few of the volunteers Linda met on her On-Arrival-Training we visited a few of the cities around the Balaton.

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What is a Jurta

A small introduction to the design of the tents in our camp.

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Journey to Bratislava

Because of an accumulation of bank holidays the weekend here in Hungary was four days long - and a few volunteers from the On-Arrival-Training used this time to go on a trip to Bratislava.

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The First Farewell

For Ayse and Can, the two turkish volunteers, their year in Hungary is over now. To celebrate that properly we make a two-day goodbye-tour to the western end of the Balaton.

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Open Air Museum Szentendre

In Szentendre, a city not far from Budapest, there's a huge open air museum where typical buildings and handcrafts of different areas of Hungary are displayed.

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Yes, a boat trip, it is funny...

As Thank You for the help in the vineyard I am allowed to join in on a nightly boat trip on the Danube in Budapest.

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Saint Stephen's day (Szent István)

The 20th of August is probably the most important national holiday in Hungary - and is celebrated accordingly, especially in the capital.

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