Wild West Quarantine

Quarantine is mandatory

Many countries have introduced mandatory quarantines in the current situation, which compelles you to isolate yourself for the first two weeks after arriving, to prevent possibly infecting the people around you with Corona.

Thusly, I, too, had to go into quarantine - in Canada, that menas to have a place to stay with access to enough food for two weeks, a sleeping spot and, in case of not living alone, only living with people who are not in the risked individuals group.

Well, what can I say. If you have a whole ranch as playground, with coolers and freezers full of food, your own house where usually all the helpers stay and many smaller and bigger projects to work on - then two weeks pass in the blink of an eye.

I still cannot really believe I have been in Canada for a whole month by now, you lose all sense of time ou there. I even met most of the neighbours by now, some of them sometimes even come over in the evening to train their cowboy and rodeo abilities in our arena.

It is a wonderfully peaceful life out here, far away of all the stress. With so much space all around, most people don’t give too many thoughts to Corona, and I can’t really blame them.

Out here in the (not fully) Wild West life simply continues - with less visitor and guests, but the oats don’t stop growing on the fields.

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