The Eagle has Landed

Good things come to those who wait

Thanks to Corona now about three months delayed, I was finally able to start my journey to Canada on Friday, 3rd of July - a journey to a year of work and travel I plan on spending mostly on ranches, helping out with whatever work needs to be done, and taking a whiff of the Cowboy way of life. Of course I also want to take this opportunity to see as much of Canada as I can, so I am going to switch places every few months.

I had originally planned to start close to Toronto and make my way westwards over the year. Due to the delay of the beginning of my journey I have now started directly at La Reata, which had been my second station, originally - a ranch in the wide open space of the prairies of Saskatchewan, Land of the Living Skies.

But I will tell you more about that in my future posts.

Changes on the blog

As some of you might have already noticed, there are a few changes to the blog - the Hungary part is available as an archive, with deactivated tags (so you need to click through the pages manually if you are looking for a specific post). I got a nice new avatar - drawn by Criz, an acquaintance of mine - and from now on, new posts will be advertised via Instagram and Facebook too. So, those of you who want to be informed about new posts, you can also follow me there - I am available on both sites as @fraukeistravelling.

With me not staying in one place for the whole duration and not having an official, specific project to work on - with seminars and other stuff - I will probably write posts less often, but hopefully also a little more about general information, for example how i acquired my visa and how Corona manages to affect a traveller like me. The gallery reflects these changes too. Pictures of Hungary are not available any longer, just write me somewhere if you would like to take another look at them.

Last but not least, I want to welcome you all, old readers and new ones, for checking out my blog and accompanying me on my travels. Thank you so much and have fun!

Yours, Frauke

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