The first Farewells

For the longest time, this moment had been far away in the future. And then you blink once and suddenly have to say goodbye for an unspecified amount of time to a few people you’ve grown very fond of over the last months.

In my case these people are my friends from Baranta and the members of my Teahouse. I will be unable to meet the major part of both of the groups again, because our holidays overlap.

And so I spent my Friday evening with my Baranta-people, where we ate burgers and ice cream after the training, took a stroll through Székesfehérvár and finally went for a drink and a bit of csocsó (table football) in a hidden cocktail bar. A few other guests challenged us to a competition, which we won with flying colours. But the last bus parted our ways and after a final hug we drive away to different directions.

I deliver my last Teahouse only half a week later, as per usual on Tuesday evening. Because of a different event in the culture house we have to move it to the camp - which doesn’t seem to bother any of the attendees. There are smoking spirals against the mosquitos and crisps and apricots fresh from the garden against the hunger. As a Thank You for organising this weekly meeting point the members of the Teahouse give me a Fruits-and-Snacks-Basket and a very sweet farewell-letter.

It feels surreal, saying goodbye to these people - and slowly, the awareness rises that my year here in Hungary is coming to an end.

I can only hope these farewells won’t be a true Good Bye!, but a See you again! instead.

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