Palace of Wonders

Get into touch with Physics - that is what the Technorama in Winterthur promises. And the same can be said about the Csopa in Budapest. A Science Museum with hand-on experiences in different rooms, separated by the areas of physics they address.

A place where you can spend a whole Sunday without a problem.

One of the village inhabitants proposed a visit to it, because he is interested in physics himself and enjoyed his last stay there immensely. So we strip our Sunday of all other plans to explore the museum as extensively as possible, with a lunch break in between.

Every experiment is accompanied by a instruction of what to do and a detailed explanation about the effect shown and experienced. Many of the experiments are oriented towards a younger audience, because the Csopa is a family museum, but there are still a few things that are new to me and very interesting.

I was especially fascinated by the Ferrofluid, which looks more like an alien creature than an actual liquid reacting on a magnetic force field.

When we finally were too tired to follow the explanations - because it takes some concentration to understand what’s going on - we went ice skating next to the Danube and lastly made our way back to Vereb, after close to seven hours in the museum.

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