Coffee and lemonade

Drinks when going out

My week usually ends with the Baranta training on Friday - and we usually go for a bite or a drink afterwards, just a few of us, to finish the evening together.

The Cafe Frei in Székesfehérvár was one of the last places we went - a comfortable Cafe of the Frei-Franchise, specialised on offering coffee creations from all over the world, including cold and hot chocolates for the customers who are not that fond of coffee, like me.

On the menu I saw that during the summer, they also offer homemade lemonades.

The same picture when I’m out drinking with the other volunteers in Budapest - no matter which club or pub we visit, there are always at least two or three homemade lemonades available, too.

A Hungarian peculiarity?

When I went to the States, two years ago, nearly every place offered homemade ice tea. Here in Hungary lemonade seems to have taken that spot.

In bars you find them in different variations on the menu, on the festivals in summer they stand around in big bowls with nearly as many lemon pieces as ice cubes swimming in them.

But the homemade lemonade is not only available in pubs - you can find it in most private homes, too. Usually less complex like the lemonades you can buy, which means: no fresh fruits because you don’t always have limes, oranges or lemons on hand, or other fruits to vary the taste a little; but nonetheless tasty and refreshing.

Indispensible household supplement

For these homemade lemonades you can buy “Citrom” in nearly every shop - which is basically citron juice diluted by water, usually around 40-50%. The bottles are available from 250 ml to 2 l and the more expensive brands even have pulp in them.

The preparation is really easy: you take a few spoonful of sugar, pour the wanted amount of Citrom in it, mix these and fill it up with tap water, and there you go! Fresh lemonade!

In winter you can also use Citrom to mix it into your tea - Citrom, fruit teas and sugar make a great punch!

And if you get a cold: using hot water instead of cold water for the lemonade leaves you with a hot lemonade.

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