End-of-the-year celebration

Because the end of the year is coming closer, Babi, the leader of the people taking care of the horses, invited all of us for one afternoon to the Halász Kastély (Fisherman’s Castle, website only in Hungarian) in Kápolnásnyék, including a joined lunch afterwards.

In Halász Kastély there is currently an exhibition about the Treasure of Nagyszentmiklós, with copies of the original finds from the Kunsthistorischen Museum in Vienna and other replications and exhibits from the Honfoglalás, including a copy of one of the best-preserved sabres from the Middle Ages, falsely accredited to Charlemagne for a very long time and one of the important treasures of the Holy Roman Empire.

After a Hot Chocolate in the castle’s cafe we went to the Restaurant Istvan (website only in Hungarian or German), whose kitchen is specialised on preparing Wild Game Dishes.

With pheasant soup, roasted wild boar and local wines we enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in each other’s company and, with nightfall coming closer, started to go back to our respective homes again.

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