Open Air Museum Szentendre


A lot of what I have seen or travelled to here in Hungary so far has been on my own or with Sebastian and Zsofi.

The free entry to the gigantic Open Air Museum in Szentendre, which lures a great many visitors there every year on the 23rd of October, was used by the whole team, though.

The Skanzen, which is the Hungarian word for Open Air Museum, encompasses an area of about 600 hectares with more than 400 buildings, divided into different districts, each one for the typical Hungarian architecture of a certain area.

Even though we managed to be there shortly after opening of the doors and left only when the museum closed at 17:00, we managed to explore just about half of the Skanzen.

The museum is beautifully designed, with many informational boards in Hungarian, German and English. Surpising to me was that most of the buildings mirror the style of the late 19th century and not the Medieval or Roman times like I have seen it in the open air museums I’ve visited in Germany.

Because the National Holiday was in all of Hungary there were reenactors living the daily life of the former owners of these houses, making the museum alive. One group focussed on the reason for this National Holiday, though - the bloodily beaten-down try of a revolution against the Soviet regime in 1956.

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