Revolutiongames in Pákozd

Unexpected Open-Air-Rockmusical

Like in many other countries in Europe, Hungary had a revolution in 1848 - in this case against the Austrian Habsburgs.

The first battle of the revolution took place in the village Pákozd, north of Lake Velence and halfway between Vereb and Székesfehérvár.

Because the battle took place exactly 170 years ago - on the 29.09.1848 - there was a bigger show on the historical place this weekend which the Rainbow Tribe visited together (meaning the teamleaders, us volunteers and a few of the students).

I expected something comparable to the fighting show at the MOGY - voluntary helpers doing their thing without a lot of planning.

Instead I was very much positively surprised - the whole, nearly two hour long show was played by professional actors (including singers from the original cast of the István, a Király Rockopera and their already grown-up children) and different historical groups, who presented a great performance in authentic clothing with a surprisingly big number of participants.

The lead-up to the battle was told and sung in musical pieces, including a love-story with happy ending. But especially impressive was the fight between the Hungarian and Austrian army, each group consisting of at least 100 infantry soldiers and 30-40 cavalry riders, with cannons and bajonets, sabres and guns.

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