Yes, a boat trip, it is funny...

… yes, a boat trip, it is nice

Károly already told me during the wine harvest that he and a few friends planned to go on a nightly trip on the Danube while the weather still allowed a tour like that and offered me - as thanks for my help - to come with them.

It is not a long tour, one hour on the Danube, following the Pest side up to Margareth Bridge, then down the river on the Buda side to Rákóczi Bridge next to the Ludwig Museum of Modern Arts and back to the dock on the Pest side.

But it is absolutely beautiful.

The whole riverside, the churches and buildings, are bathed in warm golden-yellowish light, Buda Castle, the Parliament House and Gellert mountain the most prominent, of course.

I already got a glimpse of what I might expect from the nightly view during Stephen’s day, but the sight from the Danube is something else entirely.

After the trip we stroll through the still lively city center and finally eat dinner in a small Hungarian restaurant.

It is just lovely to spend the evening in good company, even if you can’t really partake in most conversations - thanks to the language barrier.

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