Magyar Nepdal Napja

Joy of Life, live on stage

Last weekend the Hungarian Folk Days (page only in Hungarian) took place in Martonvásár - a city probably best known for Beethoven’s close friend Earl Franz Brunszvik, whose family castle can be found there.

During these days many different dance groups and bands perform on different stages in a small handwork market - but I didn’t see a lot of this for we (my teamleaders and Ayse) only came for the saturday evening music programme.

That programme was all the more intense.

The main reason why Sebastian and Zsofi wanted to visit the FOlk Days was Palya Bea - a great Hungarian folk singer, accompanied by her band, who played for close to two hours.

I can’t remember having seen so much joy of life in a musician on stage ever before.

(The fireworks afterwards were quite nice, too, though.)

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