Introduction of our Hucul horses

My tasks for the EVS include helping to care for the horses we keep at the campside - and to prevent confusion when I refer to them in the future, I’d like to introduce the flock a little closer.


is our stallion and the only horse we keep in a separate place. I haven’t met him so far, but we are currently building a new paddock for him to stay, close to Sebastian’s house.


is the mother of many of our horses. She spent the summer with Eszter, training, and is now back at our place. Her fur is greyish brown, mane and tail a little darker. She has white socks on her hind legs and an uneven stripe.


is a daughter of Tüske, the father is unknown. She is the only mare, next to Tüske, of whom we have offspring in our paddock. She is isabelline with a pretty dark basic colour and - in comparison to that - very fair, yellowish-whiteish mane.


is one of our geldings and son of Tüske and Torda. He is the one whose temperament is closest to that of his father, or so I have been told. His fur is a very dark brown, nearly black, and he has a small white mark on his forehead. He is the leader of one of the two small groups the horses have split themselves into.


is a gelding and son of Tüske and Torda, too. His fur is a shade lighter than Varság’s, and he, too, has a small white mark on his forehead, but it looks like it is made up of only three hairs or so, which makes it easy to separate him from Varság.


is a just barely more than two year old mare and daughter of Tüske and Torda. The colour of her fur is like Csomád’s (dark brown), she has a little white star on her forehead.


is another gelding and child of Hárs and Torda. He is - and there we are all of one mind in the team - the prettiest of our horses, with auburn fur, black mane, tail and high black stockings. He is the leader of the second group, consisting of Tüske, Tücsi and Firtos.


is the little brother of Barót, a gelding, too. His colour is a lot like Barót’s, his fur is a shade lighter, though - more orange than red. He is about the same age as Firtos and still follows Hárs everywhere.

Tücsök, called Tücsi,

is the newest of our horses, a mare not related to all the others. We got her in exchange for another child of Tüske and Torda, a horse called Vereb. She is grulla-coloured, so greyish-brownish fur, black mane and tail and a dark dorsal stripe on her back.

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