Woods turned red and sallow...

…fields of stubble yellow

I don’t know how fast the seasons change in Hungary. Just a few days ago it felt like the height of summer, now you already think you might need a pullover when getting too far away from the evening’s fire.

The weather has changed a surprising amount surprisingly fast.

Sebastians seems to think it’s all very normal, but find myself surprised. The sun still burns hot from the sky, but after a downpour of rain it’s not just humid-hot anymore but it cools down - and 15°C instead of 30°C does make a difference.

The wind, too, feels more like autumn than summer.

Yesterday harvesters and tractors passed through the village by the dozen; apples, pears and quinces are hanging colourfully in their trees - everything screams that the season has already changed.

Still I cannot believe that it should have happened so fast.

But if it is only a short breath of autumn, an idea of what is to come, or if summer really has already passed, that is something only the next few weeks will be able to tell.

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