About Crawlies

Silence? Never.

I noticed on the very first evening that it is never quiet out here on the countryside. As soon as the friendly chatter of conversations stops and you stare contently into the campfire between the Jurtas you realise just by how much life we are surrounded.

The crickets chirrups loud and clear from every direction. The birds are singing in the early hours of the morning, dogs are barking whenever you pass through the village. Every now and then one of the horses is neighing.

The chirruping I already knew from different holidays. Sometimes even from the quiet evenings in the summer ob on our terrasse. The constant closeness to the horses is new but awesome.

What I hadn’t even imagined in my wildest dreams, though, is the amount of spiders.

Not because I didn’t want to. It just never occured to me.

Up until now I haven’t seen any bigger ones. But not a day passes without a new net in my apartment. And even if there was a cold shiver running down my spine for the first few days, by now it’s… okay. It’s bearable.

I think If I will be able to take one thing from this year, then that I will get over my fear of spiders. Maybe not completely and I guess the aversion will stay, but enough to tolerate it.

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