The First Culture Shock

Pizza? Yippie!

A lot of what I see, do and try here in Hungary is new, but not completely unchartered territory for me. The cuisine might be a little more salty than in Germany, and Nutella for breakfast is more the exception than the rule - which I definitely don’t mind - but a real culture shock I felt first with eating pizza.

No, it’s not the kinds of pizza offered. They are mostly the same to what you usually find.

No, it’s not in the way they make the pizza, they don’t turn it over the fire to get it nice and brown from both sides.

It’s in the way they eat the pizza.

With ketchup and or mayonnaise. All of them.

(They were super amused about my reaction when I saw it, and then asked how else you should eat pizza. Can and Ayse agreed, apparently pizza in Turkey is eaten the same way. I tried pizza with both ketchup and mayonnaise and then both at the same time, of course. Too sweet and too cold, I think. I’ll continue to stick to my variant, in the future.)

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