Extension of the Team

For a few weeks now we have two new members in our team, which I have already mentioned in one or two of my posts.

Besides Linda and I we now have Isa, a volunteer from France living in the apartment next to me in Vereb, and an Armenian guy called Narek, who shares the house in Velence with Linda.

I’m working around the camp a lot more now, with the company of Isa, because tasks I wasn’t able or allowed to do alone are open to me now, with her company. We also have two armchairs in our garden, so we can spend the afternoon heat and the time between the end of work and sunset outside and in each other’s company.

I don’t see even half as much of Narek, but on Mondays we all meet in the office and on Tuesdays Linda and he come to the Teahouse, where we can spend a bit of time together, too. The two volunteers from Velence also turn up every now and then when we need help in the camp.

Sadly, we won’t have another new volunteer in the time I have left in Hungary. But the warm summer nights I don’t have to spend alone anymore in the Garden more than make up for that.

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