Szivárvány Fesztivál - Rainbow Festival

The Rainbow Tribe was originally called into life to create a community between the youngsters of different children’s homes and schools for disadvantaged children. Every clan chose a colour and a name while the Rainbow Tribe stayed as the “Leading” clan.

And once a year the youngsters of the different clans meet in our camp to show each other what they have learned and prepared and to refresh old acquaintances.

Friday - Festival in Dinnyés

The Festival where the youngsters show their presentations takes place in Dinnyés, one of the small towns that surround Lake Velence. Preparations already started a few days earlier - handmade trophies and medals - and are brought to the festival stage in the early morning.

We volunteers also help to prepare the lunch - we cook kettle goulash, the vegetables have already been cut the day before, but the potatoes still need peeling and dicing. An old colleague of Sebastian is cooking, our new volunteer from Armenia, Narek, and I help in the kitchen while Isa and Linda work around the stage.

I’m also assigned as a driver, because I’ve already driven Sebastian’s car a couple of times and there are still things and people to move.

After the award ceremony in the afternoon we move to the camp where we will stay for the weekend, hold a Hungarian barbeque there and then go to sleep.

Saturday - Paddling in a Dragon Boat

The morning after is like one of the mornings during the Youth Exchange last summer. We volunteers get up before the youngsters do to prepare breakfast - cut tomato, cucumber and paprika, portion kolbasz and cheese, pour tea into jugs and distribute everything on the tables.

After breakfast we go to Sukoró, which offers a Children’s Day today and a few local organisations offer people to try their programs for free. There is a climbing wall, a few trampolines and archery and football.

Before the heat of the day makes all of us lethargic we continue our way to Agárd where we go out onto the lake in two dragon boats - big canoes with dragon heads made out of wood. We also eat our lunch their, Lángos, and a few of the clans already take their leave here, because they have to get back to their towns.

The rest goes back to the camp in the afternoon where we offer horse riding on our own horses. A campfire is lightened, again, too, where we finish the Festival after dinner with singing and calm conversation.

Sunday - Journey Home and Family Day

With about half of the group we enjoy a late breakfast with perfect weather. The other groups, except for those from Sebastians school, also take their leave after breakfast.

Meanwhile we are preparing the Vereb Family Day which is taking place today, too. A small celebratory day dedicated (at least partially) to a soldier from the Hungarian Conquest whose grave have been found close to Vereb.

I am helping again with the horses - we offer horse riding with our Huculs too, today - and when the sun is setting we start cleaning the campsite up again and are given the next two days off as well-deserved weekend replacement.

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