Concert tour to Hamburg

The reversed culture shock

When I reached Hungary, more than half a year ago now, I expected some kind of culture shock - we spoke about that in all the seminaries before my departure. But it didn’t come, at least not in the extend I expected it. Of course there were a few special situations where I had this feeling, but… everything was kind of familiar and comfortable.

So, when I went to Hungary, I of course had in mind that Hungary and Germany are quite similar - and got a really impressive reversed culture shock. In Hamburg I realised for the first time how used I am to all the small trivialities separating the behaviour of the Hungarians and the Germans. And I was really confused when people didn’t react or only reacted with confusion to “bocsi” (sorry) or “köszi” (thanks).

Moin and Ahoi, Hamburg!

Because my sister lives quite close to Hamburg, she came to meet me at the airport and we spent the day together, walking through Hamburg - she is in the city every now and then and knows it quite well, so she was able to show me around, which I accepted thankfully.

Of course - because you can’t go to Hamburg without this - we also ate a fish sandwich on the Landungsbrücke and explored the Speicherinsel with the really impressive and beautiful Elbphilharmonie.

1000 Years EAV

The (main-)reason for my trip was the concert of the Erste Allgemeine Verunsicherung (website only in German), though, an Austrian cabaret band who are on their - as they say themselves - first final tour. Because a few friends from Switzerland visited the concert, too, we chose to take this chance to see each other again.

The concert was absolutely amazing, really funny and really entertaining, quite long but never boring and all in all simply sublime. Meeting my friends, too, made me very happy, and on the next day we went to the Miniatur-Wunderland together.

It was - once again - a really short but really intense weekend, and if an opportunity like this presents itself again, I will gladly do it another time.

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