Christmas market in Székesfehérvár

Itt a tél - Winter is here

When the world is hidden under a soft blanket of snow and white flakes are falling continuously from the sky, dancing merrily in the wind, then the best thing to do is sitting inside in the warmth, cuddled into a blanket with a hot tea in your hand, isn’t it?

What you are going to miss in that case, though, are all the great events taking place outside in the time before Christmas - Christmas markets, for example, which you can explore with leisure and a cup of mulled wine in your hand.

Mulled wine with chili and a dish called Lepény

After the horseback archery training, where we only worked with the horses because of the weather without actually riding them, we (Sebastian and I) met up with Zsofi in Székesfehérvár to visit the Christmas market there together.

Over the whole city center you can find booths with mulled wine or other hot drinks and different Hungarian specialities like Kürtöskalács or Lepény - a kind of thick, bread-like pancake filled with garlic sauce and other ingredients; bacon, salad, sausauge, depending on what you like.

Next to the booths with the foods and drinks - there were a lot less than I am used from the Christmas Markets in Germany - you can find various merchants for handcrafted items. They sell woodworks, clothing made from furs and leathers, earthenware, honey and self-made soap.

A few of the merchants in Székesfehérvár we actually know, because they presented their techniques in our camp during the Youth Exchange, and so we stop every now and then to exchange pleasantries and news. One or two new contacts are forged like this, too.

But because it does get cold after a while of wandering around we finally stop at one of the booths offering mulled wine - the selection is huge, there is mulled wine with honey, with grape Palinka, with cherry syrup and cognac.

I choose to try the mulled wine with chili and honey, as does Sebastian, while Zsofi goes for mulled wine with blackcurrant.

While we are waiting for our drinks there is a small Folk-Dance-Presentation on the central square, with live music, organised by the dancing school of Székesfehérvár.

After exploring the market to all our hearts desires we slowly make our way back, to cuddle into the deserved blanket after nearly nine hours out in the cold (because the training was outdoors, too).

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