A permanent riding companion

It’s not a second volunteer and it is, if even that much, only once a week, but it’s more than nothing: Thanks to Eszter I now have an aquaintance here in Hungary with whom I can go riding.

Because going riding and taking the horses out of the paddock alone can is not without danger I can understand that my teamleader doesn’t want me to do it. And so I don’t, except for when I have the explicit permission for it.

But if I have someone else with me, this is not a problem anymore.

Ferenc, that’s the name of said aquaintance Eszter got me in contact with, only speaks Hungarian, but he can ride and likes our horses. He works during the week, so he doesn’t have time to come to the camp on weekdays, but when the weather is good enough we meet up on the weekends - even in Winter, to go for a ride with Tüske and Tücsök.

It’s not only good for the horses to explore the surrounding area this way, and because Ferenc doesn’t speak either English or German I even get to practice my - still really scrappy - Hungarian.

PS: Because there’s a lot less going on in Winter and quite a few things have also settled down into routines, I would also be happy to just answer questions you might have about Hungary etc. in a post or two. Just write me an e-mail at chasing-the-rainbow@hurin.ch, if you want to know something!

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