What does the Rainbow symbolise?

The rainbow as a symbol is associated mostly with the LGBT+ movements by now, more rarely with the Christian faith where it’s named as a symbold for peace and bonding with God.

But none of these meanings have an actual connection to the reason why the rainbow is the chosen symbol of my Hosting Organisation here in Hungary - it’s neither an organisation focussed on religion nor focussed on LGBT+.

No, the rainbow of Szivárvány Törzs means something completely different.

A rainbow is an optical phenomenon occuring thanks to the refraction of light - because white contains all the colours.

This is the phenomenon our rainbow refers to.

The “light” in this case is the entirety of the human race and cultures, the different colours are the single cultural groups and kinds of people.

The rainbow symbolically stands for how different we all are, unique and wonderful, and that this is good, but that we’re only complete as a unity. It stands for us being humanity together, but that we shouldn’t forget our own roots along the way. Our individuality comes from our cultures, and if we don’t want to lose this individuality, we should try to preserve and protect our cultures.

Personally I think that this is an exceptionally beautiful use of the rainbow as a symbol.

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