Visitors from Poland

Last visit of the year

A good friend of Sebastian organises youth groups in Poland, aiming for them to be better prepared for later life. To demonstrate an alternative life style - living closer to nature and the wilderness - he and ten of his protégés came for two days to our camp.

Because renting a bus with such a small group isn’t worth it, and their budget isn’t the biggest one anyway, we simply loaned the small bus of the village and drove the group around in that one plus Sebastian’s car.

Tuesday after the arrival in the camp and getting settled into the two hearable Jurtas we went to Gárdony to go canoeing in the reed. It’s getting dark pretty early already, shortly after four, so we make a fire as soon as we come back from the trip to the lake and make ourselves comfortable with grilled bacon, sausages and onions. Because of the long journey already behind them the youngster go to sleep shortly after.

The second day starts with archery for the youngster before we drive to Dinnyés, where you can find a miniature castle park that is actually certified as a Guinness World Record - 35 castles made from natural materials, reconstructions of destroyed castles from all over Hungary and displayed like they stood back then in Hungary. It’s all build privately, researched by a historian who build all these castles in his garden.

As a nice finish to the trip we go up to Bence hill in Velence. On top of it is a viewing tower from where you can see all over Lake Velence. The weather wasn’t perfect, there was a lot of water in the air, but the view was still amazing.

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