Highranking Visitors

Sebastian invited the Ambassador of Mongolia two weeks ago for a visit to the Camp - and when he hadn’t had an answer even one week later, he gave up hope. Then, beginning of the week, an unexpected call came and we learned that the Ambassador accepted the invitation and was coming with his two sons on Saturday - and that started the possibly second-most intense week, concerning the amount of work, since the postprocessing of the Youth Exchanges in August.

Everything had to be perfect, the Jurtas tidied up, the kitchen clean, the leaves removed from the ways (which is a very long-lasting task in autumn, of course), we had to organise a programme, inform the people… all in all there was more work than you could hope to do in under a week.

Yet still. Somehow we managed.

Saturday came, the campside was beautiful, food and drinks were prepared. Archery was offered to the visitors, the Baranta group of Szekésfehérvar did a presentation and lots more.

When dusk started falling, we moved to the culture house of Vereb where Sebastian and Zsofi first talked a little about Erasmus+ who had helped financing the event, before the Ambassador made a speech about the Hungarian and Mongolian culture, their connections and smilarities.

The evening was concluded with local wines and delicacies and finally, after live music and Folk dancing, closed around 23:00.

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