Royal Days in Székesfehérvár

Dance and Theater

The Királyi Napok are probably one of the biggest cultural festivities offered by Székesfehérvár annualy. The International Folk Dance Festival alone takes up nearly one week - this year from August 11. to 15., with different Bands, street musicians and Folk Dance on the stage and in the alleys.

The Royal Days are from August the 10. to 20. and go back to the tradition that Hungarians King came to visit Székesfehérvar on 20. of August. August in general was already named the festival month by the first christian King, Saint István (Stephen).

During the Royal Days you can visit a couple of Székesfehérvár’s museums without a fee, especially those dealing with the history of the kings of Hungary.

For the last few years one of the main attractions during the later Királyi Napok is a Crowning Ceremony of the king chronologically following the one from the year before. This newer tradition was started 2013 with Szent István, this year’s king is II. András (Andrew the Second).

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