Creating touch - Close to the sky, the earth and each other

About the summercamps

One part of the things organised and lead by Szivárvány Törzs are summercamps, or rather Youth Exchanges, with different themes set around culture, music, handcraft and tradition.

One of these Youth Exchanges usually runs for about two weeks and the beginning of my EVS was timed purposely so I’d be able to join the last exchange of this summer as a volunteer.


The exchange I started my EVS in is one for hungarian-speaking youngsters from different countries - in this case Hungary, Romania and Ukraine - about Living in a virtual world. Title of the exchange: Teremtő érintés - közel éghez, földhöz (translation is the title of this entry)

As EVS-volunteer I thought I’d be the handyman around camp, taking care of various tasks - and that’s about right in the first approach. We volunteers (Can, Ayse, me) are responsible for enough toilet paper in the toilets, fresh coffee and tea for breakfast and seeing to the fire in the showers for warm water.

And that’s basically it.

We are on the campside fulltime, sleeping in the Jurtas with the teamleaders of the exchange groups, but there is not a lot to do - the participants have to do quite a bit of work on their own, to further create touch to the material world.

What had me a little confused in the beginning turned out to be a really enjoyable circumstance - I have time to get to know the people and to try the different handcrafts offered, too.

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