A haza minden előtt! - Homeland above everything

The 15th of March is the Hungarian equivalent to the American Independence Day and is celebrated accordingly.

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A new volunteer

Since of late we have an expansion of our team - Linda, EVS-Volunteer from Romania.


Önkéntes Teaház - The Volunteer Teahouse

With the beginning of the New Year my own little project here in Hungary has finally started - a weekly meeting point for people of the surrounding area who want to speak English.

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Christmas market in Székesfehérvár

In the time before Christmas you can find Christmas markets in the Hungarian cities, too, with mulled wine and local specialities.

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End-of-the-year celebration

The team taking care of the horses was invited by its teamleader to a little thank-you-get-together.

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Adventi hírnök - Advent Courier

The Christmas season has started and here in Vereb the first Advent Sunday is celebrated with a community gathering.

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Hungarian Onomatology: Hungarian Versions of Names

Many names used in German or English are also known in Hungary - in a slightly different version.

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What does the Rainbow symbolise?

My Hosting Organisation here in Hungary is called 'Szivárvány Törzs' - Rainbow Tribe. But what does the Rainbow in it's name actually mean?


The First Farewell

For Ayse and Can, the two turkish volunteers, their year in Hungary is over now. To celebrate that properly we make a two-day goodbye-tour to the western end of the Balaton.

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Open Air Museum Szentendre

In Szentendre, a city not far from Budapest, there's a huge open air museum where typical buildings and handcrafts of different areas of Hungary are displayed.

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