Training the horses

One of my tasks which I hadn't been able to take up for a long time was training our horses - but now the time has finally come.

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Szeged and Sunshine

With the best weather I'm going to Szeged on Saturday and to lazy around in Velence on Sunday - including barbeque on the campsite in the evening.

     · · · · ·

Spring is here!

On time for the beginning of spring Hungary not only greets with the blossoming of the fruit trees but also with beautiful spring-like weather.

     · · ·

A permanent riding companion

Eszter has an aquaintance who lives close to Vereb, and he and I can go riding together.

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What is a Jurta

A small introduction to the design of the tents in our camp.

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The first Snow

With November, winter, too, is slowly coming close - and shows it's face with the first snow.


Visitors from Poland

A good friend of Sebastian came for two days with a group of his youngsters from Poland to our camp.

     · · ·

Highranking Visitors

On Saturday the Mongolian Ambassador came to visit the campside, the crowning finish of a very busy week.

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The first frost

The weather in Hungary is indeed a little different from Germany.

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Introduction of our Hucul horses

There is a paddock at the campside, where we keep a group of eight Hucul horses.