Family holiday on Krk

For one week I'm going to the island Krk, in front of the Croatian coast, to go on holiday with my family.

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Extension of the Team

We are now four volunteers in the Rainbow Tribe, and there won't be any other new arrivals before I leave in one and a half months.

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Concert tour to Basel

To visit a concert of Demons and Wizards and meet a few friends again at the same time I travelled to Basel for the weekend.

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Szivárvány Fesztivál - Rainbow Festival

Once a year the Rainbow Festival takes place - Meeting point for the small clans that are part of the Rainbow Tribe.

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Greece II - Ancient Temples and Museums

The 18th of May is the European Day of Museums - and our vacation in Greece isn't over yet.

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Greece I - Athens and Aegina

Together with Linda I'm going to Greece for a one week holiday - or, more precicely, to Athens and the island Aegina.

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Hungarian Kettle Goulash

Probably the most typical dish associated with Hungary is Goulash.

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Prague - The Mother of Cities

From the 1st of May to the 5th of May I did a short holiday in Prague, the first half alone, the second half with other volunteers from Hungary.

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Hungarian Dances

In Hungary you can find open dance evenings everyone can take part in, where classic Hungarian dances are the center of the evening.

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Training the horses

One of my tasks which I hadn't been able to take up for a long time was training our horses - but now the time has finally come.

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